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Planning Boston’s future. Working with communities to shape future development while respecting each neighborhood’s past and present. Planning seeks to influence the social, economic, physical, and natural factors affecting each community. What is Planning? Learn how BRA planners work with residents, institutions, developers, and policymakers to shape Boston. Learn More Imagine Boston 2030 Implementation Shaped by the input of over 15,000 residents and unveiled by Mayor Walsh in 2017, Imagine Boston 2030 is the first ci… Learn More Planning Initiatives Find out which plans apply to your neighborhood. Learn More Climate Change & Environmental Planning Planning for for a vibrant and accessible waterfront, and for a sustainable city. Learn More Downtown & Neighborhood Planning Fostering the development of attractive, safe, diverse, and economically thriving neighborhoods. Learn More Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) Privately owned spaces that the public is encouraged and invited to use but remain privately owned and maintained. Learn More Regulatory Planning & Zoning Helping to shape the Boston Zoning Code. Learn More Transportation & Infrastructure Planning Planning sustainable and reliable transportation and infrastructure systems. Learn More Institutional Planning Planning and development review for Boston’s renowned higher-education, healthcare, and non-profit institutions. Learn More Urban Design Reconciling contemporary design with Boston’s historic character. Learn More Urban Renewal Learn More

Planning | Boston Planning & Development Agency

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