Coalition for Resilient, Inclusive Waterfront

We Stand For A Resilient Waterfront The waterfront is already bearing the brunt of many of the most dramatic impacts of our changing climate, and plays an outsized role in shaping the public health, safety, and economic wellbeing of surrounding neighborhoods. Future development and infrastructure decisions must prioritize resilience — both to address the impact of climate change and strengthen all of Boston’s neighborhoods that live, work, and play on our waterfronts.

Vexing decisions will confront Boston’s future leaders on where to prioritize public funds to address flood pathways and adapt to rising sea levels in the coming years. Multiple neighborhoods and combinations of city and private property will be impacted. The steps taken by Boston’s leaders over the next decade to create resilient, open space on the waterfront will be critical to determining the future livability of the city and to ensure economic, social, and public health resiliency.

A Better Waterfront | Coalition for a Resilient and Inclusive Waterfront