Head of Harbor Groups Descriptions & Differences

Dear neighbor, We know you have heard a lot from a lot of groups about the potential development on Pier 5.  There were 3 proposals by developers and numerous groups taking positions on those proposals.   Pier 5 Association Inc. is in favor of making Pier 5 a public park and open space to be enjoyed by the whole Community.  We are orgzanized as a not for profit and will be a tax deductible 501(c)3 entity approved by the IRS.

We oppose any effort to put any housing on Pier 5 at all.  The group called Restore Pier 5 is aligned with our mission but they are organized as a lobbying group seeking public funds to bring the vision of a public park on Pier 5 into being.   We agree with the vision it is just that Pier 5 Association Inc. is proceeding on a parallel track to make the vision of Pier 5 as a public park happen with out without taxpayer money.  

All other groups have aligned with developers.   Pier 5 Association Inc. is an independent group of your neighbors with the only vision for Pier 5 as a PUBLIC PARK.  Please help us make our vision a reality.  it is going to take time, money and perseverance.  — We anticipate needing in the next 3 months $50,000 and another $150,000 by this time next year.  Please help us by donating or having a fundraiser or by helping us with your time.   Help us make our vision a reality.  

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