Charlestown Vision and Goals Survey

Charlestown Vision and Goals Survey

The Charlestown Vision and Goals Feedback survey contains questions from the virtual BRA workshop held on Thursday, October 21, 2021. It is intended to allow community members the opportunity to provide input who were unable to attend the zoom meeting “in-person.” At the workshop, the PLAN: Charlestown team shared community feedback collected at previous workshops and on the PLAN: Charlestown tool (

Staff also reviewed the draft components of a planning framework (vision, goals, and principles) that will be built upon in the next phase, Diving Deeper into Priorities and Tradeoffs. A shared vision and goals for the future of Charlestown’s land use, future development, and the preservation of its existing community and historic assets establishes a planning framework.

The process seeks to establish a comprehensive and coordinated plan to ensure the equitable provision of infrastructure to support neighborhood needs in the areas of: transportation, parks and open space, climate resilience, and affordable housing.

The presentation, a recording, and all associated materials can be found on the project website: This survey will be online and open for feedback for two weeks following the workshop through November 22, 2021. If you have any questions about PLAN: Charlestown, please reach out to Jason Ruggiero at

PLAN: Charlestown Vision and Goals Feedback

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