Wu Wu! Tell the new mayor to prioritize bold climate justice action!

Wu Wu! Tell the new mayor to prioritize bold climate justice action!

Join us Thurs, 11/18 to help plan our next steps to fight climate change in Boston! Good afternoon Zachary, There’s a lot happening in the battle against climate change in Boston. Read on to find out more and learn how you can get involved. Campaign Update – BERDO Victory Celebration!

The strength of Boston’s climate action coalition was celebrated in style at the BERDO victory party two days after the election of climate champion Michelle Wu as Mayor. Dwaign Tyndal of ACE and many other speakers noted that passage of the revised BERDO ordinance is just the beginning of the battle for implementation, but it was certainly a great milestone.   

During the BERDO campaign, BCAN: Collected over 2,000 petition signatures Solicited 210 letters to City Councilors Canvassed 9 different neighborhoods of Boston Presented to 14 different neighborhood and student organizations Produced 3 videos for Boston Neighborhood News and social media Organized 6 meetings with City Councilors and coalition reps Built relationships and engaged deeply with community members Thank you so much to the partners and allies who attended, spoke, and led this historic victory with us.   

Check here for photos and more details about the event, and here for a video of the 30-minute speaker program.   Solidarity Spotlight – Our Green Justice Coalition Partners are Hiring! Communications Director, City Life / Vida Urbana Director, Homes for All Massachusetts Microgrid Manager, GreenRoots Coalition Organizer, Mass Renews Alliance Capacity Building Director, Chinese Progressive Association Office Manager and Events Coordinator, Chinese Progressive Association (Thank you to Community Labor United for putting these together!)   Climate News – Don’t Swap One Dirty Fuel for Another A research team from Harvard’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health studied the health impacts of air pollution in the United States between 2008 and 2017.

In addition to greenhouse gases, the burning of carbon-based fuels also produces PM2.5, a type of pollution consisting of tiny particles. The Harvard report focused on the PM2.5 coming from buildings and other “stationary fuel combustion sources.” During the time studied, coal use was decreasing in favor of gas, wood, and biomass. The study found that as health impacts from coal went down, those from the other three fuels went up. The authors concluded that “the increasing role of gas and biomass and wood emissions in the health burden of PM2.5 exposure indicates that swapping one air pollution-emitting fuel source for another is not a pathway to a healthy energy system.” The website of RMI, a non-profit devoted to clean energy, shows an interactive map based on data from the Harvard study. It shows that, in Massachusetts, air pollution caused 749 deaths and cost $8.4 billion in health impacts in 2017. What Can You Do? We celebrate the election of Mayor-Elect Wu, a strong climate advocate, and we must continue to fight against catastrophic climate change. Sign our petition and let Mayor-Elect Wu know that we want to see even bolder climate justice action by the City of Boston under her leadership. You can also fill out the community survey by the Wu transition team, expressing your concern and demand for action to fight climate change.   Upcoming Events   Massachusetts Climate Future Forum Sunday, November 14, 7pm | Register here Speakers include Bill McKibben of 350.org, the Rev. Vernon Walker of Communities Responding to Extreme Weather, Cabell Eames of A Better Future Project, and Senator Ed Markey.   BCAN Action Team meeting Thursday, November 18, 6-8pm | There is a new zoom registration, so you need to register again, even if you have before. Info-share about Mayor-Elect Wu’s Green New Deal plan and more   MCAN: Net Zero For All/Better Buildings webinar Monday, November 22, 7pm | Register here Educational webinar for the net zero stretch code   52nd Annual Day of Mourning Thursday, November 25, 12pm Cole’s Hill, Plymouth, MA | Information at http://www.uaine.org/  Indigenous folks all over the country and globe are on the frontlines of the most bold and just climate actions. Indigenous Rights and the Land Back movement are essential to the climate movement. Since 1970, Indigenous people & their allies have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day of Mourning on the US Thanksgiving holiday. Participants in the National Day of Mourning honor Indigenous ancestors and Native resilience. It is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection, as well as a protest against the racism and oppression that Indigenous people continue to experience worldwide.   For more events in and around our community, visit the BCAN Events Calendar. Just for Fun   Tällberg’s Jazz for the Planet was recorded by GBH in Boston this month. Support the fight for climate justice in Boston! Donate to BostonCAN Register here to attend BCAN’s Action Team meetings. Want to continue the conversation? Join the Action Team GoogleGroup listserv! Facebook Instagram Twitter Sent via ActionNetwork.org. To update your email address, change your name or address, or to stop receiving emails from Boston Climate Action Network, please click here.