Many are concerned about Charlestown overdevelopment, without infrastructure planning. 

Many are concerned about Charlestown overdevelopment, without infrastructure planning. 

Many residents and friends are delighted that Pier 5 may become a public park. Our work is important to the community’s well being.

CHARLESTOWN DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS: Attached is a list  (with some notes that may or not be relevant) that the BRA has in the works for our community. You may like to see this overview. 

HISTORY: Many are rightfully frustrated that Charlestown has no Master Plan, despite that Ann Kelleher and others collected 2700 signatures; and when the Presidents of the Charlestown Preservation Society and Charlestown Historic Society brought the signatures to Mayor Martin J Walsh, the two Presidents reported that “The Mayor gave us his word for a Master Plan for Charlestown.” 
Immediately after the CPS and CHS Presidents shared their enthusiasm for a Master Plan for Charlestown, the BRA/BPDA announced that Charlestown would have a “Rutherford Corridor study”  (There have been many of these studies) When the community pushed back, the BRA/ BPDA/ CPS/ CHS attempted to lead the Charlestown community to believe “PLAN Charlestown” addresses planning. It does not. 

PLAN CHARLESTOWN:  Each of the projects on the attached report           ARE NOT INCLUDED in “PLAN” Charlestown. 75-100 Acres of huge developments ARE NOT included in “PLAN” Charlestown …a process which has no planning.

Charlestown is one square mile = 640 acres. These developments not only develop the land; they develop into the sky. These developments have an enormous impact on our community. These developments are happening simultaneously. 

We need a Pier 5 public,historic park on our waterfront, so the people can get some fresh air, feel the wind,see the sky; look at something that is not like every other building anywhere; embrace Nature; and contemplate our history. Pier 5 “Patriot Park” may be the best thing that can happen in Charlestown…however I hope all residents will participate in the public process to make Charlestown a better place to live, work and visit. We can do better.

2026 is Boston’s 250th Anniversary

2030 is Charlestown’s 400th Anniversary.