Representative Ryan has it Wrong Letters to the Editor

The voice of the people of Charlestown and around the city has been heard by the BPDA. Those of us active in the community resistance appreciate the announcement last week that the active RFP for pier 5 has been closed and the proposals rejected.  State Rep Dan Ryan is quoted in the Patriot Bridge Nov 24 that creative solutions to produce climate resilient hous-ing were rejected, and that pier 5 should only be revisited when Bunker Hill Housing, The Rutherford Corridor, and the North Washington Street Bridge projects are complete.  Who is Dan Ryan representing and does he not understand the opinion of 3200 constitu-ents? The Navy Yard is part of the Charlestown, it is a resource and component of the com-munity, not a separate place. Improvements to the Navy Yard are improvements to the whole community. The Bunker Hill housing project is a few short steps from pier 5 and re-opening the pier as a public asset is opening it to all members of our community.  I am sure that Rep-resentative Ryan is unaware that many residents of Bunker Hill Housing fish around the base of the pier daily, blocked from using the pier by its chain link fence. Reopening this pier as a cultural, recreational, and climate resilient destination would improve the quality of life for the whole community. The name Patriot Point, Pier 5 Charlestown at the Head of Boston Harbor has been suggested for this unique public asset.  I think that idea has merit. Pier 5 is a neglected federal infrastructure, and in my view, the pier is an iconic national as-set. It is an appropriate recipient of federal infrastructure spending.  The expenses awaiting, reflect more than 40’s years deferred maintenance under the watchful eye of the Boston Re-development Authority.  That said, the possibility of a public-private solution in which the re-development of the pier according to a vision consistent with current standards is at hand. The treatment of overwater sheet public space in an era of climate change is now facilitated by the BPDA decision on the pier 5 RFP.  A public asset for all in the intertidal zone should not be privatized for housing whether affordable or market rate. The BPDA should be com-mended for this positive step.  Thank you. The Pier 5 Association ( should rally to the call from BPDA and help coordi-nate a broad coalition of interested parties, philanthropists, and local non-profits to help raise the money and arrive at a resilient, sustainable, community enhancing solution for the pier.  This should not wait as Mr Ryan suggested, but rather be implemented in parallel to many other changes that will also be needed to assure the sustainability and enhanced quality of life for our community as a legacy to the founding of this nation and the role Charlestown has played in that history from the American Revolution to the Cold War. Chris  Nicodemus

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