Pier 5 Coverage Rankles Reader 

To the Editor, The staff written article, “Decorated Veterans Join Charlestown Residents in Opposition to a Park on Pier 5,” is inaccurate and represents a cynical and despicable manipulation of Staff Sergeant Mills, the Patriot-Bridge and all veterans. Pictured with Staff Sergeant Mills and Mr. Lyons are Mr. Caulder and Mr. Nolan who are principles of 6M, one of the developers vying for BPDA approval to build private exclusive for-profit housing on Pier 5. The 6M BPDA proposal mentions nothing about veterans. Only 13 percent of the units will be affordable housing. Their proposal is for floating housing that is not handicapped accessible due to variably pitched ramps and tidal change. The residential development proposals for Pier 5 will NOT be “housing for Veterans and middle-income residents” stated erroneously in the article. The content of the article is an attempt to discredit the many Charlestown residents who favor a waterfront park on Pier 5. They are not a “handful”. Over 2,700 have signed the petition of the Pier 5 Association to create an open access, public, climate resilient, open space waterfront park on Pier 5. On August 26, an estimated 300 Charlestown residents from all areas of the community joined the Save Pier 5 event in the Navy Yard. Dan Ryan and Lydia Edwards attended this event. Who are the “Charlestown Residents” Staff Sergeant Mills and Mr. Lyons are reportedly joining? No one else is mentioned. This article was created to oppose the growing movement for saving Pier 5 as a resource for all and not just as a benefit for a few. Pier 5 belongs to everyone. The article’s content should have been vetted for accuracy. The Patriot-Bridge should apologize to readers and Staff Sergeant Mills. I am an Army veteran of the Viet Nam era. A waterfront park on Pier 5 can be a tribute to all those who have served. Preserving Pier 5 will give lasting tribute the extraordinary role the Navy Yard and Pier 5 played in protecting and sustaining our country. Gerald Angoff

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