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This is the area where John Winthrop sailed and then founded Charlestown; where he met and traded with Squaw Sachem. This is the area where British Ships assaulted the Patriots at The Battle of Bunker Hill. This site can celebrate Boston’s Marine History


For 174 Years, the Navy-Yard…

built, repaired, modernized, and resupplied The US Navy ships.

During the Second World War women were called to fill the jobs left by men at the front. Over 8,000 women worked here at this shipyard  

From here ships and the sailors serving aboard set off to places around the globe. The ships that left this yard represented the United States on every continent and defended the nation through both times of war and peace. The generations of workers at this yard took pride in the significance of what they contributed and the work that they completed. For many sailors, this was the last place they might touch American soil for months, years, or perhaps never again. 

Between September 8, 1939 when a limited national emergency was declared and the end of the War in 1945, the Boston Navy Yard launched 303 vessels and commissioned another 120 ships that were constructed at private yards. In addition, it overhauled 1108 vessels; another seventy-four underwent extensive conversion, and 3260 were repaired. This effort was critical to the Allied victory during World War II