What Would You Like to Have on Pier 5

Welcoming Open Parks?

NYC, decided that open parks and activities for the public are more important than buildings blocking the community views and experience

Special Vista Attractions?

Get even a higher view to the horizon, learn about the harbor and the history, without blocking the view for thousands…

An Interesting Garden?

With beach-like areas, places to view, relax and enjoy the waterfront. A (multi) Million Dollars experience for everyone?

A Winter Garden Café?

An ideal place to fully enjoy a well sheltered area in the middle of the pier, Combined with a permanent historical display

An Outside Sitting and a Beach?

The end of the pier could be a great place for a City-Beach

A Real Waterfront Open Air Place

Imagine an inviting quiet place we can all enjoy all day, year round… An iconic outdoor place with great views to any direction


Boston Waterfront building blockade

Downtown Boston waterfront, blocked almost completely the potential open views and public access. Here is the massive over development in front of the Historic North-End all the way to the downtown, continued at the Seaport

The east side ‘public way’ on Pier 6

Providing an unpleasant experience of a businesses backyard, trash containers etc. 

Floating buildings?

Some of these housing solutions appear in remote places, on lakes and other areas with some nostalgic value – not taking over an existing community waterfront. 

These are not acceptable new developments in the heart of a modern city.

Guess the point is made…

Opening the waterfront for a free access is what cities around the world are doing. Creating iconic attractions for millions 

Imagine a Summer Concert

A place to celebrate the city, the history, the marine life and the harbor for generations

Respect the Navy Yard Histor

 USS Mason at Pier 5, in 1944.

The USS Mason (DE-529) was commissioned on March 20, 1944, with a crew of 150 African-American enlisted men and six officers. The vessel was part of the Evarts-class destroyer escort, with the responsibility of providing protection for other naval vessels in the Atlantic Ocean.