December 17, 2021

Shoreline at Pier 5

Shoreline at Pier 5 Storm Tides in the Navy Yard  Storm tides have breached the top of drydock 2 at its western end by First Ave and the Constitution Gate House  both in 2018 and 2019  Sea-Wall at Pier 5  The granite and steel seawall between Pier 5 and the Flagship Wharf  surrounded by remaining …

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Waterfront Alliance – Example of a Better Waterfront

Public access is key… to breaking down physical and social bar.  Commit to opening up more waterfront access for recreation and education, with a focus on creating equitable open spaces for all New Yorkers.  Open space access has been acutely felt by New Yorkers during Covid-19, especially as vulnerable and lower-income communities have access to …

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A Threat to Valuable Public Waterfront

The City of Boston, through the BPDA, opened the door for a privatization of this unique public waterfront area. Pier 5 is the only open spot and waterfront, in the Boston Harbor with unobstructed views to the city, Charles and Mystic Rivers, East Boston and the entire harbor all the way to the Harbor Islands.