January 18, 2022

Pier 5 Views, Visions + Goals

The efforts to revive the Pier 5 public park span generations and hundreds of collective years. There are common components amongst varying views and visions for its recreation. Priorities include historic preservation with true waterfront access for all. Image: Children on the Harbor Walk Paint their Visions of Pier 5

Public Health

Public Health A place to celebrate the city, the history, the marine life and the harbor for generations. The end of the pier could be a great place for a events and other programming.

Honor Navy Civil Rights Legacy

Honor Navy Civil Rights Milestones With a crew of 150 African-American enlisted men and six officers. was part of the Evarts-class destroyer escort for other naval vessels in the Atlantic Ocean. The USS Mason (DE-529) commissioned on March 20, 1944.

Celebrate Maritime History

Celebrate Maritime History A Landmark Point of Interest, memorializing 50,000 women and men working in the Navy-Yard during WWII. Pier 5 served tens of Tall-Ships docking and sailing right here during Sail-Boston 2000 and 2017. This is the area where British Ships assaulted the Patriots at The Battle of Bunker Hill.  This is where John …

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Open Public Park Pier 5 for All

A Welcoming Open Park Supporting multiple water dependent activities and other amenities for the public. New York City decided that open parks and activities for the public are more important than buildings blocking the community views and experience. Imagine a inviting quiet place we can all enjoy all day, year round. An iconic outdoor place …

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