East Boston Climate Resilience Report Briefing

East Boston Climate Resilience Report Briefing Screenshot of briefing recording The Sustainable Solutions Lab at UMass Boston has released new research exploring the question of what is necessary for true community and climate resilience in East Boston. The report, Opportunity in the Complexity: Recommendations for Equitable Climate Resilience in East Boston, released December 17, was requested by a group of local advocacy organizations convened by the Barr Foundation called the Waterfront Partners.The report was authored by Patricio Belloy, PhD candidate in the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs; Antonio Raciti, assistant professor of community planning and ecological design in the School for the Environment; Katsyris Rivera-Kientz, PhD candidate in the College of Liberal Arts; and Rebecca Herst, director of the Sustainable Solutions Lab. More information available in the news release here and in the report briefing recordings linked below.