2021 BPDA Supports public open space, exceptional benefits on Pier 5

Update:  On November 21, 2021 the BRA indicated it is “highly supportive of public open space along the water’s edge and ensuring access to the harbor” in the Charlestown Navy Yard and would support increased open space and/or park at the Pier through philanthropic or private financing. 

In their statement, the BRA states it would also “be willing to accept an asking price of $0 for Pier 5 if this was economically necessary to support additional public open space or other exceptional benefits on Pier 5.” The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BRA) withdrew its Request for Proposal (RFP) for housing to be built on Pier 5 and indicated its support for a waterfront public park on the Pier. 

We, the Pier 5 Association, believe this beautiful, historic and prime location can have new life as a public open space for the entire community to enjoy.   One of the last remaining open piers in Boston Harbor will be closed off for public use. Fortunately, with the latest announcement from the BPDA and tremendous support from the entire Charlestown community, this vision moves one step closer to reality.