Community Open Space & Recreation- 2015-2021 CHARLESTOWN

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The Community Open Space & Recreation Needs Analysis breaks down the open
space analysis by neighborhood, in contrast to the city-wide assessment which was
explored in Sections 3, 4 and 5. At the neighborhood scale we are better able to
inventory and analyze the specific fabric and make-up of a community, and explore
how the open space resources in that community respond to its needs. Functionally,
neighborhood boundaries have no meaning in the use and operation of the city’s
open space system but these established perimeters help organize the discussion for
the purposes of the Open Space Plan. This is why we chose to call these areas
“communities” rather than neighborhoods.
The six basic components of the Open Space Plan neighborhood needs assessment
 What is the neighborhood setting and history?
 Who is the parks and open space system serving in each neighborhood?
 Where in the neighborhood are the populations with the greatest need for
access to open space and how well served are these areas?
 Where are the parks and open spaces in the neighborhood and what kinds of
facilities are located in these places?
 Can residents easily walk to a public park?
 What planning and development is happening in the neighborhood? What
are the potential open space impacts and opportunities associated with those