INCOME-RESTRICTED Housing in Boston 2019

INCOME-RESTRICTED Housing in Boston 2019


Income Restricted Housing in Boston

Neighborhood Development

City of Boston

Currently, there are 55,122 housing units in
Boston that are income-restricted to lowand middle-income households. In the 2018
Update to Housing Boston 2030, the City
increased the production goal for incomerestricted units from 12,000 to 15,820. This will
bring the total number of income-restricted
housing units up from over 55,000 units to
nearly 70,000 units by 2030.
To ensure that all of these units will be
appropriately accounted for, the Department
of Neighborhood Development (DND)
maintains an inventory of all incomerestricted units in Boston. This report
provides a summary of Boston’s current
income-restricted housing stock to help
residents and housing professionals better
understand the geographic distribution,
affordability levels, and other characteristics
of this important sector of Boston’s housing