Boston Naval Shipyard Charlestown Planning & Development Program 1975

The Boston Naval Shipyard at Charlestown was formally closed July 1, 1974. This action, in conjunction with the closing of the South Boston Naval Annex and the Chelsea Naval Hospital has significantly affected the City of Boston. It resulted in the direct loss of some 5,900 jobs in 1973-74, a year of unusually high unemployment and caused an im mediate drop in related port activity and business procurement. At the same time, the cessation of Navy activity has made some 180 acres of waterfront land available for redevelopment in Boston. It is essential that development of these -properties be coordinated and integrated into Boston’s overall planning and development program. The purpose of this plan is, therefore, to set forth the reuse and development proposals for the Boston Naval Shipyard and to outline the implementation mechanisms necessary to the achievement of the plan. The Charlestown Shipyard served as the headquarters for the First Naval District for 150 years. It contained facilities for shipbuilding, conversion and repair and the manufacture of rope and chain. During World War II when a new ship was launched every month, 50,000 people, mostly civilians from Boston and the metropolitan area, worked at the yard.

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