Pier 5 Association is making extraordinary progress to reactivate this public property as an landmark waterfront national park providing healthful recreation, cultural events and historic views from the Head of Boston Harbor.

CRS EB/CH: Survey #2

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Boston Redevelopment Authority recognizes the historic, healthful value of Pier 5.

Purpose of M.G.L. Chapter 9 is to protect the public interest in the waterways of  the Commonwealth. It ensures that the public rights to fish, fowl and navigate are not  unreasonably restricted and that unsafe or hazardous structures are repaired or removed.  

Chronological Maps of the Charlestown Navy Yard Development

The quality of the images we have readily available on this website will be improved as BPDA begin to work with P5A on making Pier 5 a park for greater Recreational Equity in Charlestown. Reconnect Boston Navy Yard to Charlestown.

…questions of social justice and injustice are essential topics to confront when trying to understand the human landscape. These questions must also be at the center of our attention as we challenge ourselves to build better, healthier environments in the future.


More or Less in Common: Environment and Justice in the Human Landscape

An ambiguous ownership trail is left behind for historic Pier 5. Decades of petty sociopolitical knots and sketchy sketches aside, we know Pier 5 is a Landmark Park which belongs to the public.

Not too long ago, municipal records were known as “stacks”. Many documents went missing before digital. Year by year, maps were redrawn with creative interest, properties obfuscated in published planning. The BPDA will now be helping P5A illustrate our history to plan investment in the future Charlestown social justice and well being.

P5A is working with the Norman B Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library to research historical Charlestown Maps .

As a part of our collaborative progress with the BPDA to cultivate social equity. Official maps the BPDA should have on record will also be made available for public viewing on this page.

We highly recommend the timely current exhibit at the Leventhal Map & Educational Center. It speaks directly to the current critical and systemic imbalance of social justice and recreational equity in Charlestown.