Courageous Sailing Center – Right between Piers 4 and 5

February 24, 2021|CSC

Courageous Sailing Center is active year-round
Courageous Sailing Center is active year-round

Pier 5 is the jewel of Boston Harbor, which is not utilized. Where but Boston would lay waste a magnificent opportunity to transform our historic Navy Yard, plus this is the site of the assault from the British in the Battle of Bunker Hill; has magnificent views of the expanse of the City skyline from the Harborwalk; and is adjacent to the USS Constitution which hosts millions of local, national and international tourists who bring revenue, and the goodness of  neighbors of our Mother Earth…all which enrich all of our lives. 

It is a BPDA dereliction of duty to consider placing residents and assets in harm’s way for sea level rise and climate change risks and costs.  At a Bunker Hill Housing Development Boston Civic Design Commission meeting they confirmed they are building 3 FEET higher to accommodate climate change and sea level rise. That site is already ABOVE sea level…so how would BPDA consider building literally IN the Atlantic Ocean? Residents will need to evacuate, homes will be damaged, and insurance rates will soar. 

Do it right and ALL benefit:  Pier 5 is an iconic site which can become the landmark for Boston, as an epic public place as is the CITGO sign and Fenway Park. 

This public realm created as a waterfront park will become an undeniable landmark of where you are in the world. Think the London Eye; think Eiffel Tower; think the Duomo; think Millennium Park; think The Highline and Central Park. 

Boston has a marine history:  Let’s celebrate from the days of Squaw Sachem to present day.  Let’s celebrate our harbor, not sink in it!

See this The Globe article below.