Activated Waterfront

An activated waterfront is anchored by varied types of open spaces, featuring cultural resources and year-round programming and connecting people with the natural, cultural, and economic history of the region.  

Richard McGuinness, Deputy Director for the Climate Change and Environmental Planning at the Boston Redevelopment Authority

Socio-Ecological Equity
Public Health & Resilient Waterfront
Urban Renewal are Global Goals

Views & Wishes

Harbor Cities Adapting Historic Piers into Iconic Public Treasures.

What is your vision for your park?

Pier 5 adjacent piers include renown Pier 6 marina/restaurant to the North and the beloved Courageous Sailing Center city side. Neighboring National Treasure, the U.S.S. Constitution frigate is an international tourist attraction with over 350,000 visitors each year to learn and explore. One of Boston’s most visited museums.


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Social Justice Considerations

The most recent engineering reports of 2017 and 2018 continued recommendations of maintenance. The City of Boston Redevelopment Authority has not maintained Pier 5 to date opening the door for privatization of this unique public National Waterfront Park.

The City of Boston Redevelopment Authority has decades of unused funds designated for Pier 5 maintenance. As a part of Boston becoming a green city again, these funds should be considered as a financial source to reactivate National Park Pier 5. It would be a leap forward with a project ready to happen.

Imagine Pier 5 Challenge!

This Spring we will begin a collaboration with Universities and Public institutions to create a Nature Based Solutions landscape design competition for Pier 5.

The imagination and implementation ideas competition begins soon!
Waterfront Alliance outlines a five-point progressive agenda for a harbor – Strong, Healthy, Open, Working, and Managed.

Resilient Cities Network (R-Cities) aims to support cities and their CROs in future-proofing their communities and critical infrastructure. In this new stage of our work, we are guided by four principles.

  • 1.0 City-led. Cities, represented by their CROs, participate in the governance of the network.
  • 2.0 Impact-focused. We prioritize resilient projects that aim to improve the lives of city dwellers.
  • 3.0 Regionally driven. Activities are designed with more flexibility to cater to member cities’ needs.
  • 4.0 Partnership-based. Cities’ resilience activities aim to become self-sustainable in the near future.
  • Three themes Biomimicry, Buckminister, Olmsted.


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