We recognize the Historic Value of Pier 5. We work with the Boston Redevelopment Authority seeking a fully accessible, climate resilient, recreational and educational 4 season open waterfront and green habitat for all to enjoy!

In 1993, Pier 5 was walk-able. The public used it everyday and fished from it. The Freedom Trail, Harbor Walk, convene at the Head of Boston Harbor. Decades ago, the Pier was allegedly condemned. An ugly fence was erected overnight.

Fishing Resident

Responsibility of the Boston Redevelopment Authority

Purpose of M.G.L. Chapter 9 is to protect the public interest in the waterways of  the Commonwealth. It ensures that the public rights to fish, fowl and navigate are not  unreasonably restricted and that unsafe or hazardous structures are repaired or removed.  

Charlestown Navy Yard Piers Due Diligence Accountability

The current Pier 4 unfortunate situation could have been prevented. Reactionary post-hoc out of season maintenance impacts recreational equity of people from all walks of life from around the globe. Adjacent Pier 5 is the largest pier and facing similar circumstances.

Cite Impact Reports: Socio-ecological, Socio-economic, Social Justice, Environmental Impact Studies, Engineering Reports (years), Demographics, Transportation, Ecological Resilience, United Nations Sustainability Goals, Tourism, Locals, National History, Local Economic Losses due to disrepair.
Analysis Reports including: Historical, Engineering Structural Feasibility, Flood Risk, Acoustic Impacts, Heat Island, Flood berm, Urban Reef, Ornithology Habitat and more.

Our community collectively represents hundreds of years living in Charlestown.

Pier 5 Park supporters exceed 3,600.


  • We seek Recreational Equity in Charlestown, MA. including resilient and accessible waterfront through community engagement and education.
  • We bring together various communities, companies, Universities, leaders, institutions and groups involved in renewing Boston Harbor.
  • We believe that privatizing Pier 5 is not appropriate and contrary to concepts of socio-ecological justice, quality of life and public access rights to amenities of real waterfront green and open space.
  • Everything that happens on the Harbor has an immediate socio-economic and ecological impact on Charlestown in particular, and Boston overall.

Our Mission

To undertake action to preserve, restore, renovate Charlestown Navy Yard Pier 5 for its use as a historic, ecologic, marine/maritime public park/open space for use by citizens of City of Boston, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and visitors and to undertake any and all legal activities to cause the vision of Pier 5 as a public waterfront park for educational, recreational, climate resilience and social justice and charitable purpose, to come into being and to be able to acquire, maintain and sustain Pier 5 in perpetuity for such public educational, historic, recreational and maritime/marine use at the historic Head of
Boston Harbor for the benefit of the public as a charitable corporation. Upon dissolution, any remaining assets will be donated for charitable or educational purposes to an entity providing services to the youth or residents of Charlestown Massachusetts or which provide historic, maritime or educational purposes associated with the Boston Navy Yard or Boston Harbor.

  • Feasibility Visions, Secured a world class independent engineering firms to determine the present condition of Pier 5 and confirmed restoration options park feasibility. 
  • Strategic planning. We inspire the capacity of individuals, institutions, businesses, government and urban systems to adapt to climate stresses and shocks.
  • We have organized numerous public family boardwalk community events, meetings & engagements to reactivate Pier 5 as a National Historic Park destination.
  • Advocate for the Courageous Sailing Center. Water based recreation like expansion of the world renown Courageous Sailing Center
  • Organizing innovative nature based climate resilient landscape design focus by prospective studios and Universities.  resilient and accessible waterfront through community engagement and education.
  • Researching thousands of documents including the original plans, present conditions and legal obligations of the Boston Redevelopment Authority to Pier 5 and the Charlestown Navy Yard historic district. Correcting Disinformation by Private interest media.
  • We helped prevent the 2021 privatization proposals.

Public Property Privatized