With the latest announcement from the BPDA and tremendous support from the Charlestown community, this beautiful, historic and sacred location can be revived as a public open space for all to enjoy. Their visions bring us one step closer to reality.

Welcome Aboard!

We welcome passionate volunteers to join us in our mission to inspire and affect resilient, revitalized, and accessible waterfront for all.

Together, we are changing Boston’s public space for generations to come.

Imagine a climate resilient inclusive waterfront.

Petition for Waterfront Pier 5 Park for Recreational Equity.

Making Headway

Action for Recreational Equity

Feasibility Visions, Secured a world class independent engineering firms to determine the present condition of Pier 5 and confirmed restoration options park feasibility. .

Researching thousands of documents including the original plans, present conditions and legal obligations of the Boston Redevelopment Authority to Pier 5 and the Charlestown Navy Yard historic district. Correcting Disinformation by Private interest media.

Advocate for the Courageous Sailing Center. Water based recreation like expansion of the world renown Courageous Sailing Center

Strategic planning. We inspire the capacity of individuals, institutions, businesses, government and urban systems to adapt to climate stresses and shocks

We helped prevent the 2021 privatization proposals.

To prevent further private proposals until decisions are made about the previous privatization withdrawals Pier 5 petition.

We have organized numerous public family boardwalk community events, meetings & engagements to reactivate Pier 5 as a National Historic Park destination.

Organizing innovative nature based climate resilient landscape design focus by prospective studios and Universities. 

Resilient and accessible waterfront through community engagement and education.

Public Letters